Here is a look back at our previous event of The Alpha league 2018.

THE ALPHA LEAGUE”, a gaming tournament, presented by Comic Con Nepal, which was a one-month event. It is mainly about competitive battles between gamers whereas also uniting people from different platforms.

The ultimate hope for the event is to create a new experience that promotes games and gaming culture which gives an exclusive platform for all the game lovers/gamers to participate, support and enjoy at the same time.

We intend to focus on each participant playing their respective games where they can battle between other gamers and make their presence on the Nepal gaming platform.

We would like to give all the sponsors, participants and supporters Many Thanks for your continued encouragement and support.

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Please click here to view the pictures of the event.

Please click here to view the pictures of the finale of the event


Please click below to view the video of the alpha league.

Alpha League ongoing video

Fifa 18 Tournament

Tekken 7 Tournament

Tekken 7 Tournament 2