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Online registration is now open for cosplayers!!!

The Cosplay Contest is the competitive stage show with an emphasis on both costume quality and performance. Participants may choose craftsmanship judging in addition to performance judging.

• Groups are considered at the division of the most skilled member.
• You cannot participate more than once in the same competition.
• You don’t have to use your entire allotted time on stage, but if you go over, you shall be disqualified.
• You and your handlers are responsible for the mobility of your costume. Access to the staging area is by designated backstage please plan accordingly.
• Comic Con Nepal is a kid-friendly, all-ages environment. Keep your content PG; no cursing or inappropriate gestures.
• No jumping off the stage.
• No pyrotechnics, no confetti or glitter bombs, no water guns or blood splatters, no
• projectiles. Don’t make a mess.
• If it comes onstage with you, it must go offstage with you. Take this into consideration
• with all costumes, accessories, props, or set pieces.
• Do not interact with the emcees.
• Violating any of the Stage Rules will result in automatic disqualification from The
• Cosplay Contest and possibly expulsion from the convention itself.

Please complete the registration form to be eligible for the cosplay contest. Deadline for preregistration for cosplay contest is September 8, 2019.

Registration Charge: Rs.500/-

The prequalifying round will be held on September 13, 2019. And Finals will be on September 14th, 2019. Follow the event page for more updates and details.

Only the selected top 60 cosplayers from the prequalified round will get an opportunity to show off costumes highlighting either groups or individuals and their dedication to cosplay in stage. In addition, a chance to win some of the awesome prizes for Best Performance and Best Craftsmanship to the coveted best in the show.

*The background music and visual effect for stage performance should be provided by the contestant. If not, the event organizer will play the music of their choice.
*The contestants are not allowed to use any kind of fire material or hazardous product on the stage for effects.
*Due to the time constraint, each cosplayer will be granted 60 seconds to showcase their cosplay character.
Scoring / Criteria

All contestants will be judged on 4 criteria on a scale of 1 to 10, 5 being average, 10 being the highest possible score, 1 being the lowest possible score.

Accuracy: Based on how close the costume is to that of the character it is based out of. More points will be awarded for attention to detail in the costume, such as the use of props, and fewer points will be awarded for costumes that do not follow the original character design.

Craftsmanship: Based on the general quality of the costume and its pieces. More points will be awarded for effort in making the costume or its pieces, less if they were bought and unmodified.

Originality: Based on how unique and special the costume is. Higher points will be awarded to costumes that are out of the box, and one of a kind, lower points will be awarded to costumes that lack creativity or are uninspired.

Presentation: Based on how well the cosplayer presents their character on stage in front of the live audience, independent of the costume itself. Higher points will be awarded to contestants who voice, pose, gesture, and overall act out their characters on stage, and fewer points will be awarded to those who make little to no effort in presenting their character.

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