All participant must follow the following criteria:

AMV Categories

* Action * Comedy* Drama * Parody/Trailer* Upbeat * Romance * etc.

* Video resolution should be at least standard definition, and audio should be CD quality or better. We recommend all participant to submit the data in MP4 format. Data submitted in any other format will be converted to MP4 and data’s that cannot be converted to MP4 will be automatically disqualified. Participant must upload dates to Google Drive or Dropbox. No other forms of submission will be accepted.

* Participant can submit maximum of two videos per category. If submitted more than two submissions will be automatically disqualified.

* Please be advised any video submitted and selected by comic con Nepal AMV team may not be shown or entered in any other AMV events. Videos previously submitted to other AMV competitions will not be allowed and will be automatically disqualified. By submitting a video to AMV competitions, you are granting comic con Nepal the rights to showcase your video as AMV competitions team deemed necessary.

Note: To ensure the quality of the AMV’s Competition AMV must be an original, self-made project, which has not been shown at another convention. At least 50% of the video needs to consist of animations and music. Manga shots and live-action are also allowed. Excessive violence and pornography are not allowed. Do not use any logo’s or subtitles.

Please be advised the following will result in immediate disqualification:

* Poor audio or video quality. * Visible watermarks, inappropriate use of logo *Covering water or logo with blur, pixilated etc.

Judgment Criteria:

AMVs will be judged on the following criteria:

* Concept * Originality * Emotional appeal * Aesthetic appeal * Rhythm/Sync * Special Effects *Flow/Editing * X-Factor