Board Members

Abhinav Shrestha
Proprietor/ Director
Abhinav Shrestha is the Proprietor/ Director of Comic Con Nepal. He is a graduate of St. Xavier's College affiliated by Tribhuvan University. He is a photographer and one of the most prominent event management & marketing entrepreneur. With a history of more than 10 years in various types of events. He has worked in many fields of event management company, from 2008 till date, starting from OMG Theme events, Hue Shine Pvt. Ltd and Royal Events as well. He is also a professional photographer, who loves art.
Srishti Shrestha
Srishti Shrestha (known as Srishti Kasa Shrestha) is the Director of Comic Con Nepal. She is a graduate of Thames International College and recently doing her MBA from Lincoln University Malaysia. She is currently leading the program planning of the Comic Con Nepal Project as well as working as an Operation Head in ZEROSTAR Pvt. Ltd. She is a Program Coordinator for Miss Global International, Nepal since 2013-present. She is also a makeup artist, an art lover and is addicted to comic books and manga. She often changes her face into comic and movie characters through face arts. Previously she held the position of the HR and Documentation Officer at BATAS Foundation (NGO) for 3 years.

Team Members

Pravin Thakur
IT Coordinator
Pravin is a graduate of Nepal Engineering College affiliated to Pokhara University. With a passion for all things tech, he is always looking to improve website performance and accessibility at Comic Con Nepal. Pravin has a strong background in Backend/Front-end Web Development, but also has a strong desire to figure out performance bottlenecks that exist throughout the technology stack. Pravin worked as a System Engineer for 10 years before changing gears when he discovered his passion for web development. When not cursing at his computer, Pravin can be found commuting places on his bike.
Abhisek Bohara
Operation Coordinator
Abhisek Bohara is an Operation Coordinator in Comic Con Nepal. His has 15 years experience in different events and corporative field. Previously he has worked in Him Shikhar Carpets, Carpet Culture, Himalayan Televisions. His work has also achieved Best Show Award from N.Y Soho. He has been working in Koto International since 2010 and is working in its branch office ZEROSTAR Pvt. Ltd since 2016 as Business Development and looks after the sales and marketing department as well.
Geeta Pradhan
Finance Coordinator
Geeta Pradhan is a graduate from North Bengal University, West Bengal, India who is skilled in performing good communication and accounting. She is a focused and ambitious professional, who can perform multiple tasks in any given situation. This particular skill of her allows her to achieve her goals and work in a team. She holds accounting experience in Sita Travels Pvt. Ltd. and Hotel Courtyard for more than 5 years. Her broad experience is in various organization has thus enabled her to provide the same attitude with her current clients and customers from various backgrounds.
Raish Shrestha
IT Officer
Raish Shrestha is an IT Officer of Comic Con Nepal. He is a graduate of BSc.IT from LBEF College from Asia Pacific Malaysian University. Currently he also works in IT section of ZEROSTAR Pvt. Ltd. He is pop culture enthusiastic and loves art. He loves Marvel, DC characters and is an anime freak (Big fan of Iron Man though). He was a member of Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) and has won many basketball tournaments and has earned Most Valuable Player (MVP) tag.
Ashim Jung Thapa
Operation Officer
Ashim Jung Thapa is an Operation Officer of Comic Con Nepal. He also looks after the management and data entries of ZEROSTAR Pvt. Ltd. Ashim is a graduate from British College. His world revolves around comic and manga and call himself an Otaku. He is pop culture lover and desperately wants to promote the Otaku culture in Nepal.
Manil Amatya
Event and Management Officer
Manil Amatya is Event and Management Officer of Comic Con Nepal. He is an Information Technology graduate from London Metropolitan University. He is fond of superheroes, comic books and toys since childhood. He is an addicted DOTA player as well. His thinks he grew up with superheroes which has been impacted his thinking for good and bad points. His past experience acquires handling the Program Management at Feather Webs for 2 years and E signature for 1 year. He has also worked in Islington College for 2 years on IT sector and Business Development. Besides that, he has hosted over 60 plus events. He says, “Out here on Comic Con your dreams become reality.”


Koto International LLC, USA

Jeffrey Kashida
CEO/President of Koto International LLC
Jeffrey Kashida is a CEO/President of Koto International LLC. Graduated from Columbia University in the city of New York, he has accomplished two successful initial public stock offerings of startups in Belleview, Washington and a MBO (management buyout) of Koto Inc. His expertise in International Economics and Business Administration has been the powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple companies through rapid and continuous growth. He is Co-author of "Challenge of Las Vegas" 1998, during his serving editorial board for hospitality Journal of William Hurrah College at UNLV. He is also professionally associate with Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals, International Federation of Insolvency Professionals, advisor for European Reconstruction Development Bank, American Management Association.
Anuj Pradhan
COO/Vice President of Koto International
Anuj Pradhan (AJ) has been working for KOTO INC closed to a decade, with his wealth of management experience in different field i.e. retail, warehouse, fulfillment operation, and event floor design/management has provided key strategic insights in developing of KOTO INC’s direct account network within the collectible toy. Graduated from California state university Dominguez Hills concentrated in Computer Information System, AJ has successfully utilized technology background to oversee the networking support of KOTO INC’s and its ecommerce business. Fan of the Marvel x-men series and consider himself as a wolverine.

Tokyo ZEROSTAR, Japan

Aiko Shoji
Advisor from Tokyo ZEROSTAR, Japan
Aiko is the source of leadership and vision of the organization. With the wealth of the knowledges in the field of Anime and art. She has played vital role of supervising recruitment and training sales and marketing staff for KOTO INC. and currently serve as a CMO of KOTO INC and Marketing Director of Tokyo ZEROSTAR. Graduated from Otsuma Women’s university Tokyo. Otaku extraordinaire!
Maiko May Okabe
Advisor from Tokyo ZEROSTAR, Japan
Maiko May Okabe was born and raised in the small town in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. After the high school is sought to expand her horizons and seeking a higher education and moved to Los Angeles CA, where she obtained a degree in urban planning form California State University, Northridge. She has a deep-rooted interest in city planning & development and over a decade of experience within this field of convention planning, sales, financial/budget management, inventory management and customer service. As an original start-up member of Koto Inc., she has serves as CMO of Koto Inc and a director of finance for Tokyo ZEROSTAR. In her free time, she enjoys playing volleyball, walking her dog and listening to the latest DJ’s!